To the left of the room sits a long red couch, tall wooden harp, music stand, and red stool. In the back corner is a blue cabinet with porcelain. Above the carved fireplace hangs the portraits of Louisa and George Macculloch. To the right sits a wooden piano.

Drawing Room

The parlor, or drawing room, with its original carved mantel and door cornices, was the finest room in the house. It was the center of entertaining and the receiving area for important guests. In this room, Senator Miller may have learned of both his political victories and his defeat, and George Macculloch’s many heirs heard the reading of his will.

Over the fireplace, George Macculloch’s portrait shows the Morris Canal in the background. George is credited as the visionary for this engineering marvel. Louisa Macculloch is portrayed wearing a fashionable paisley shawl and seed pearl broach befitting her status as a prominent community leader.

The family’s love of music can be seen in this room. On display are an American harp dating to 1847, an American rosewood square grand piano dating to 1840, and an American music stand belonging to women pictured in the framed photograph by the door: Katherine Wise Miller and her daughters Dolly and Charlotte.

Please touch the carvings on the fireplace mantle. They date to 1812, when the Center Hall was added. Please take care to not bump into the corner of the mantle. How does the decoration feel?

As you feel along the top of the mantle, keep in mind that just above it hang the painted portraits of Louisa and George Macculloch. Please don’t touch the frames.

As you exit the room into the center hall, feel the thickness of the wall between the 2 rooms. This was an exterior wall before the center hall was built in 1812. It is solid brick covered with plaster.

To learn more about the family’s love of music, please click on Music at Macculloch Hall below.

To continue the tour in the Schoolroom Gallery, please walk west into the Center Hall and cross it to the doorway. Take care at the Schoolroom Gallery doorway. There is one step down into it. Please click on Explore the Schoolroom Gallery below.