Elementary School Programs

A Home Away From Home — 1st grade

  • 90 minute program
  • Visit the kitchen and drawing room at Macculloch Hall
  • Tour the restored garden
  • Learn what Mr. Macculloch grew on his farm
  • Make a decorated cardboard grandfather clock
  • Hear about family traditions from Great Britain and the American holidays celebrated by the Macculloch family.

Meets the following New Jersey Student Learning Standards (2009 Science Standards):

1.2.2.A.1; 1.3.2.D.1; SL.1.1; SL.1.3; 1.MD.B.3; 5.3.2.C.1; 5.3.2.C.3; 6.1.4.D.2; 6.1.4.D.13; 6.1.4.D.18

Lessons from the Garden –2nd-3rd grade

  • 2 hour program
  • Visit the restored historic garden
  • Discuss the plant cycle, including plant parts and their purposes
  • Learn about repurposing and recycling in the 19th century
  • Examine soil types while preparing soil for planting bean seeds to take home
  • Learn about vermicomposting and handle earthworms to understand their purpose in creating rich soil
  • Participate in a garden scavenger hunt
  • Program runs rain or shine

Meets the following New Jersey Student Learning Standards (2009 Science Standards):

SL.2.1; SL.2.3; SL.3.1; SL.3.3; 5.3.2.B.1; 5.3.2.B.3; 5.4.2.E.1; 5.4.2.G.1; 5.4.2.G.2; 5.4.2.G.4; 6.1.4.B.5; 6.1.4.B.7; 6.1.4.B.8

Through the Keyhole — 2nd-3rd grade

  • 2 hour program
  • Tour nine period rooms of Macculloch Hall
  • Compare 19th century technology with tools and technology in homes today
  • Learn about the Macculloch family and their contributions to their community, county and state.
  • Study the house as an artifact to discuss how the rooms were used by all members of the household: servants and family members.
  • Decorate a Thomas Nast cartoon while learning about newspapers in the 19th

Meets the following New Jersey Student Learning Standards:

1.2.2.A.1; 1.2.2.A.2; 1.3.2.D.1; 1.4.2.A.2;  SL.2.1; SL.2.3; SL.3.1; SL.3.3; 3.G.A.2; 6.1.4.B.8; 6.1.4.C.6; 6.1.4.C.12; 6.1.4.C.15; 6.1.4.D.2; 6.1.4.D.11