Webelo Scouts Programs

Webelo Scouts Programs

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Meets Adventure Requirements #2 and #3 for Looking Back, Looking Forward

Through hands-on activities Webelos explore how past technology has shaped our world and consider how current technology will influence our future while visiting the historic home of George Macculloch (1775-1858), the “father” of the Morris Canal. Pre-registration required. Limited to 15 participants. $10 per Scout; $5 per adult.

Off the Wall

Meets requirements 1, 2, 3, 4a of Art Explosion

After a tour of Macculloch Hall Historical Museum to see the art on exhibit, with special focus on Thomas Nast’s political cartoons, Webelos create original works of art, including self-portraits and cartoons, and build a portfolio to take home. Pre-registration required. $10 per scout; $5 per adult. Includes materials for requirement 3e.

Call 973-538-2404 ext. 16 or email cwinslow@maccullochhall.org