Tiger Scout Programs

Tiger Scout Programs

Shape Search

Meets requirements 1 a&b  and 2 a&b of Stories in Shapes

Tiger Scouts see the artwork collected by Museum founder, W. Parsons Todd (1877-1976), search for shapes in art, work with tangrams, and create an artwork to take home.  Pre-registration required. $7 per scout; $5 per adult.

Ready, Set, Float Your Boat

Meets requirements 1,2,5, and 6 of Floats and Boats

Canals were the craze in the early 1800s. George Macculloch (1775-1858), the “father” of the Morris Canal, believed a canal was the answer for New Jersey’s transportation problems at the time. Learn about different types of boats while testing what materials float. Design and make a boat from recycled materials to take home. Pre-registration required. $7 per scout; $5 per adult.

Call 973-538-2404 ext. 16 or email cwinslow@maccullochhall.org