Cadette Scout Programs

Who Speaks For You?

Meets requirements for Helper: Girl Scout Cadette Public Speaker Award

Cadettes enjoy and recite the witty poems of Alice Duer Miller (1874-1942) which address issues of the women’s suffragette movement. Learn what Miller loved and how she shocked 1890s New York society by attending college. Examining this suffragette writer’s most popular works, “Are Women People?” and “Come Out of the Kitchen”, girls learn about the importance of body language when speaking, use props for dramatic effect, and deliver lines with expression. Scouts will also learn more about how during the 1930s and 1940s Alice Duer Miller’s works were turned into a Broadway play and Hollywood movies! Length of Program: 2 hours. Scout fee: $10; Adult fee: $7. Minimum: 8 girls & adults.

To pre-register or schedule your program please contact Cynthia Winslow, or 973-538-2404, ext. 16