What Do Kids Collect?

Starting today, and continuing every Wednesday through November at noon on Facebook Live, Storytime: Guess and Go will focus on collection connections. Listen to stories about people’s collections and learn how W. Parsons Todd and his collection became a museum.

It is hard to imagine a world without museums. So many museums exist today because people like to collect things from nature or made by people. Things, the objects in museums, are all part of what makes museums exciting, unique places to visit. So dust off your collection, take a great picture, and email it to Cynthia Winslow, Curator of Education and Community Engagement, at cwinslow@maccullochhall.org to share today at noon during Storytime: Guess and Go.

If you are not a collector already, after hearing these stories you may even start a collection of your own. In today’s Storytime: Guess and Go, we will see a special object from W. Parsons Todd’s collection and learn how he became a collector.


  • Visit lucicreative.com to learn how children can create an exhibit of their own.
  • There are many unique museums in the world. Visit this child-friendly webpage to learn about five unusual museums.

Portrait of a young W. Parsons Todd.

Topic: What Do You Collect?
Age / Level: Primary, Elementary