What Do Kids Collect? Rocks

Do you collect rocks, minerals, or crystals? If you do, you probably know that today, September 16th, is Collect Rocks Day! Whether it is a pebble from the beach or a shiny rock from a nature hike, rocks are appealing to both young and old. Email us a picture of your collection at cwinslow@maccullochhall.org and tell us about your favorite rock or mineral.

Join us today for Storytime: Guess and Go at noon on the Museum’s Facebook page to learn more about MHHM founder, W. Parsons Todd, and to hear stories about stones and rocks that help us see what is so special about rocks.


  • David Friend started to collect rocks as a child when he found mica and quartz crystals near his home in New York state. He went on to become a successful engineer and helped to establish a gallery of magnificent minerals and gems in 2016. Enjoy a 5-minute virtual tour of the David Friend Hall at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Topic: What Do You Collect?
Age / Level: Primary, Elementary

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