What Do Kids Collect? Fossils & Maps

In Celebration of Earth Science Week, October 11 – 17, 2020, Storytime: Guess and Go will take a look at collectors and collections of fossils and maps. Are you a cartographer, a person who draws or produces maps, or a cartophile, someone who loves and collects maps? Do you like to collect and study fossils? If you do, you may have a future career as a paleontologist. Paleontology comes from the Greek words “palaois”, which mean old or ancient, and “logos”, which means study.


Join in for Storytime: Guess and Go at noon on our Facebook page to see maps from the Museum’s collection, collected by founder W. Parsons Todd, and to hear stories about what people collect.

Looking for interesting maps? Visit the U.S. Library of Congress website. The Library of Congress has the largest cartographic collection in the world with 5 million maps, 80,000 atlases, 500 globes and thousands of other map-related objects.

Learn about fossils here.

Topic: What Do You Collect?
Age / Level: Primary, Elementary