The Hidden Habitat of Moles

An unusual sight, if you’ve ever seen it while sitting or working in the garden, is a raised 3-inch wide strip of soil or grass that continues to grow longer as you watch. Once you’ve seen one you won’t be caught off guard again- you’ll know that there is a mole digging alongside you. Moles’ bodies are built to dig and live underground in their hidden habitat. Although they are small, their shovel-like clawed paws allow them to dig a tunnel 13 feet long in one hour. Moles do have eyes and internal ears but they are very small because of they live their lives underground, which is why their sense of smell is their strongest sense. Their favorite food is earthworms and, once caught, they will store earthworms in an underground chamber. Moles are solitary creatures, living on their own a month after they are born.


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Topic: Nature, Wild About Wildlife
Age / Level: Primary, Elementary

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