James Otis Post and AIA National Architecture Week

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) designated this week as National Architecture Week. It provides a moment to step back and look at all the amazing architecture around us and think about the role of the architect, a person who designs buildings after considering the needs of all the people who will use the building every day.

James Otis Post (1873-1951) is pictured above on his wedding day at Macculloch Hall with his bride, Dorothea Miller Post. James was an architect along with his father and brother at George B. Post and Sons. His father George Browne Post (1837-1913) was the sixth president of AIA and received AIA’s Gold Medal for his contributions to architecture. One of George B. Post’s most famous buildings is the New York Stock Exchange building built in 1903. It still stands at 11 Wall St, New York, NY 10005.

James Otis Post received the award of AIA Fellow for his contributions to architecture and was active in promoting the education of young architects. James’s son, Edward Everett Post (1911-2006) also became a successful architect. Today, on the anniversary of James Otis Post’s death in 1951 we honor the last generation of Macculloch-Millers who called Macculloch Hall home.

Resources: Are you interested in design or architecture?

Visit www.archkidecture.org for lessons and curriculum. Learn how to make a room from a mint tin box, or find architecture books for kids.

Visit www.centerforarchitecture.org for family-friendly architecture activities to do at home.

Take one of these “Building Challenges”:

  • Challenge 1-Draw a picture of one of your favorite buildings. See if you can find out when it was built and who was the architect.
  • Challenge 2-Design a building for your pet.  Think about the size of your pet and the materials you would use. What does your pet need to be safe, comfortable, fed?
  • Tag us in a picture of your work—we would love to see it!

Topic: Celebrating Architecture
Age / Level: Elementary, Middle