Found Art Friday

Running out of ideas for a fun family project? Make it a Fun Found Art Friday. During your walk, collect sticks and when you get home create art using your sticks. Some ideas include making a shape like a heart or spelling out your initials using your stick supply. Your art can be temporary or made permanent by using wood glue and a picture frame. Connect with someone else and share your art with them online.


  • Need some more found stick art ideas? Visit for inspiration.
  • “Junk critter” found object art project from
  • “Junk critter” found object art project from

    If you can’t get outside, check out for ways to use recycled materials for a found object art project.

  • Learn why creating a culture of collecting materials for art is important for children’s development.
  • Learn tips to create a creative environment for found object sculptures.


Several sticks arranged into the letters M and H with a few star shapes.

Topic: Art
Age / Level: Primary, Life Long Learner