Arbor Day Everyday

From the Oaks to the Sassafras and the Beech to the Redbud, MHHM’s historic garden is a haven for tree lovers! During summer 2019, visitors of all ages explored the trees in MHHM’s garden and collected inspiring “poet-tree” for their garden journals.

“Poet-tree” For Arbor Day
Federico Garcia Lorca

Verde que te quiero verde.
Verde veinto.
Verde ramas.

Green I love you green.
Green wind.
Green branches.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The wonder is
that we can see these trees
and not wonder more.

Lucy Larcom

He who plants a tree
plants a hope.


Visit the Arbor Day Foundation to learn about the history of Arbor Day, find ways to celebrate or to explore educational resources.

Read or listen to Joanne Oppenheim’s Have You Seen Trees? to learn why trees are so important.

Visit to see some of the pages from the picture book and get inspiration for a tree art project.

Use the activity sheet below in the weeks ahead to identify trees in your neighborhood.

tree identification chart

Topic: Celebrating Holidays, Citizen Science
Age / Level: Primary, Elementary

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