Spot the Blue Jays

We often see Blue Jays in MHHM’s garden because they find their favorite foods there. Blue Jays like to eat beechnuts, from the Beech tree, and acorns, from Oak trees.

Blue Jays make different sounds and calls, imitating the sounds they hear. They often mimic the call of hawks and even cats and cell phone tones! Click to listen to the call of the Blue Jay.

Feather color and pattern, called plumage, is the same on male and female Blue Jays. Print the coloring page below to show you know the colors of the Blue Jay!

Can’t get enough of Blue Jays?

Make a Blue Jay paper plate bird mask! Print the template below, color it, glue it to a paper plate and go explore.

Materials Needed:

  • Crayons or markers
  • Glue stick
  • Large paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Elastic, yarn or string
  • Hole punch (for elastic, yarn or string)
  • Colored construction paper (optional)


Step 1: Color in the bird mask template with crayons or markers.
Step 2: Cut out bird mask and use glue stick to attach to center of paper plate. Let dry.
Step 3: (Optional) Use construction paper to cut out small and large-shaped feathers and glue to your bird mask.
Step 4: Carefully cut out eyeholes in the mask. Cut away parts of the paper plate that you do not want. Use hole punch to make holes for string or elastic.

Bluejay mask template

Be a wild bird photographer. Take photos of three different Blue Jays and see if you can tell the difference among them. Tag us in your post!

To learn about the Blue Jays visit and the Audubon’s field guide for more information.

bluejay coloring book page

Topic: Nature, Birds: Backyard Birds
Age / Level: 1, Primary