Calling All Citizen Scientists

On this day 190 years ago, George Macculloch (1775-1858) planted corn and the early crops of potatoes and bush beans. These were just three of the 29 types of vegetables and 11 types of fruit that grew on his 26-acre farm in 1830. How do we know this?

George Macculloch was a “gentleman” farmer who kept a garden journal from 1829 to 1856. In this journal he recorded his observations, collected data about his farm and was able to share this information with others. Today, we would identify George Macculloch as a citizen scientist!

April is Global Citizen Scientist month and to celebrate the actions of citizen scientists MHHM is inviting students, families, and adults to take part in a service project which will make George Macculloch’s 19th-century garden journal more accessible to the public.

Take a close look at George Macculloch’s journal and email Cynthia Winslow at with your name and any additional people you will be working with, a contact email address, your first choice of the year to transcribe. Wait for a confirmation with additional information about the next steps. Macculloch Hall Historical Museum thanks you for helping to make New Jersey history more accessible!

Topic: Citizen Science
Age / Level: Middle, High School

Calling All Citizen Scientists Photo Gallery

Portrait of George Perrot Macculloch