You probably see or hear at least one or two birds during your day, but have you ever stopped to think about how unique birds really are? Some can swim and dive. Some walk. Some hover and fly. There are so many different species, different sizes, and different colors in our New Jersey backyards! During Wild About Wildlife Month, held each July, take time to appreciate the birds in your neighborhood. Learn about the goldfinch, robin, mourning dove, cardinal, and blue jay in our Backyard Birds sub tab and join us at noon today on Facebook Live for Storytime: Guess & Go! to hear more about birds.


  • Learn about birds and what makes them special at this interactive site.
  • Take a virtual visit to The Raptor Trust on their Facebook page.
  • Enjoy a video of the Turtle Back Zoo Aviary, home to 350 birds.
  • Hear Good-Night, Owl! by Pat Hutchins and find out why Owl can’t seem to fall asleep.

Topic: Nature, Wild About Wildlife
Age / Level: Primary, Elementary

Birds Videos