Be An Architective #3

Take time in May to enjoy the beauty of the historic buildings and structures where you live! For 70 years, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has made it their mission to save America’s historic built environment and connect people to the places that reflect our history, our culture, and our communities. Take a moment to think about what our towns and cities would be like without our iconic structures, large or small, and you will soon realize the importance of preservation!

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum is proud to be a part of the Morristown Historic District. In 1973, MHHM was recognized as a contributing factor by the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and the National Register for Historic Places. The 1973 recording lists the Morristown Historic District as “All or portions of Green, South, DeHart, Elm, Wetmore, Madison, and Pine streets; Macculloch, Maple and Colles avenues; Farragut and South Park places.”


  • The New Jersey Register of Historic Places is the official list of New Jersey’s historic places. Visit to find places of interest in a New Jersey county.
  • Search the archive of the National Register for Historic Places, administered by the National Park Service.
  • Take a closer look at color photographs of American historic houses!
  • Discover children’s activities from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
  • Take a walk in your  neighborhood and, using this sheet, see if you can identify architectural details in local buildings.

Take a walk in your neighborhood and, using the sheet below, see if you can identify architectural details in local buildings.

Topic: Celebrating Architecture
Age / Level: Elementary, Middle

Be An Architective #3 Photo Gallery

Line drawing of Macculloch Hall Historical Museum. A white house with several windows and black shutters. A white picket fence is in front of the house.