Be An Archi-Tective #2: From the Top (Roof Designs)

Did you know that architects can choose from over 20 different roof designs? Learn why the design of the roof is so important and take a walk in your neighborhood to find four of the most common types: Gable, Gambrel, Hip and Mansard roofs.

For young learners:
Conduct an experiment to learn about pitched roofs!

For grades 3 and 4:
Create model homes and test its roof structure. Use everyday home items like cardboard and poster board to create a variety of model homes and roofs. Visit for details.

For grades 6 to 8:
Learn about green roofs and its benefits to the environment! Watch how landscape architects manage water or make your own mini green roof. Visit for a full list of activities.

Other Resources:
Be an Archi-Tective Activity Sheet “From the Top: Roof Designs.” (PDF Document)

Close up of a roof feature, an enclosed square build with orange pointed roof.

Topic: Celebrating Architecture
Age / Level: Elementary, Middle