A Time for Heroes

In 1918 Dorothea Post (1878-1947), great-granddaughter of George and Louisa Macculloch, coordinated the efforts of the Women’s Land Army in the Morristown area. At the same time, she cared for her three young sons James, Edward and Richard while her husband, James Otis Post, served overseas during World War I.

It was a moment in history when Americans pulled together under the campaign “Food Will Win the War,” a campaign promoted by the head of the United States Food Administration, Herbert Hoover.

The Morristown unit of the Women’s Land Army was located at 23 Maple Avenue in Morristown, NJ. Coordinators asked farmers to give women, called farmerettes, “clear instruction and an opportunity to prove our value.”

Today, all Americans are asked during COVID-19 to be heroes by pulling together, encouraging and supporting one another in any way they are able.


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Dorothea Post stands looking at the camera. She wears a Women's Land Army uniform.

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