Board of Trustees

Mission Statement

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum preserves the history of the Macculloch-Miller families, the Morris area community, and the legacy of its founder, W. Parsons Todd through its historic site, collections, exhibits, educational and cultural programs. The Museum is a not-for-profit educational affiliate of the W. Parsons Todd Foundation.

Board of Trustees

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum is governed by an elected Board of Trustees.

Mission Statement Preserving the History of the Macculloch-Miller Families

George and Louisa Macculloch


Jock Clark – President

Ken Chin – 1st Vice President

Patricia Grushkin– 2nd Vice President

Kevin Brennan – Treasurer

Al Giraldi – Secretary


Shelley Brooke

Alice Cutler

France Delle Donne

Susannah Harris

Brian Hays

Peter Hunter

Chloé Millea

Rachel Mullen

Jane Odenweller

Robert Rose