Tales From Macculloch Hall

Thanksgiving at Macculloch Hall

Until W. Parsons Todd (1877-1976) purchased Macculloch Hall in 1949 to preserve it as a museum, the house had been home to five generations of Macculloch descendants. George (1775-1858) and Louisa Macculloch (1785-1863) had two children. Their daughter, Mary Louisa (1804-1888) and son-in-law, Senator Jacob Miller (1800-1862), had nine children, who lived at Macculloch Hall throughout their childhoods. Mr. Todd made sure to preserve not only the house and grounds, but the history of the family who lived here.

This photograph was taken on Thanksgiving Day in 1893.

Thanksgiving at Macculloch Hall

The descendants of George and Louisa Macculloch have gathered in the center hall of “the old house” at a formal dinner to give thanks. Seated at the head of the table is the host, Henry William Miller (1863-1904), grandson of George and Louisa, and standing on either side are his brothers George Macculloch Miller (1832-1917) and Jacob William Miller (1847-1918). Guests include other family members as well as the Marquise de Talleyrand, who had attended Mrs. Astor’s “First 400 Ball,” a high society gathering in New York City in February 1892, and stayed to attend Thanksgiving at Macculloch Hall the following year. On the wall looking down on the gathering is Louisa’s portrait, which his still on display in the Center Hall.

Thinking of Thanksgivings at Macculloch Hall, Anthony Keasbey (1824-1895), wrote…” Today – The Day of Thanks – our hearts and voices join in grateful memory of the love that reared this dear old home and left sweet presences to dwell within it still.” Keasbey spent much time at “the old house” having married into the family.

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