Visit MHHM’s Tree Trail

Did you know that the fall is a good time of year to plant trees? Thanks to the cooler temperatures, the plant will have less stress and can develop healthier root systems. Elms, maples, lindens, and apple trees, as well as shrubs like lilacs and forsythia, can do well with a fall, rather than a spring, planting.

Visit the historic garden this October to see the varieties of trees in the Museum’s peaceful two-acre garden. Bring along the Tree Trail garden scavenger hunt and add to your knowledge of trees while enjoying the colors of the autumn leaves.


  • Tree Trail garden scavenger hunt. (PDF Document)
  • Read some advice for fall tree planting from the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Hear Loren Long’s story, Little Tree, read aloud.

Graphic for the tree trail through Macculloch Hall's gardens.

Topic: Nature, Garden Scavenger Hunt
Age / Level: Middle

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