Guess & Go Story Time: What’s Inside Museums?

Do you have a favorite museum that you like to visit? Does your family have special memories of visiting a certain museum together?  No matter what the size, large or small, there is no doubt that museums are special places.

Throughout May, Guess & Go Story Time will share stories that take place in museums while we learn about the different jobs that people do in museums.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar! Tuesday, May 18th is International Museum Day, a day to celebrate what museums are all about!

Join us on Facebook Live to hear two stories about museums set in the museum. Listen to Christina Soontornvat’s Simon at the Art Museum and Milan Trenc’s The Night at the Museum published in 1993, which was the basis for the Night at the Museum movies produced from 2006-2014.


Find out the top 10 reasons for visiting a museum:,education%20than%20one%20might%20think.&text=Even%20the%20museums%20themselves%20have%20interesting%20histories%20to%20inspire%20and%20educate%20visitors.

Listen to children and adults share why museums matter:

Cover photo of The Night at the Museum by Milan Trenc.

Age / Level: 1, Primary, Elementary

Guess & Go Story Time: What’s Inside Museums? Photo Gallery

Cover photo of Simon at the Art Museum by Christina Soontornvat.