Guess & Go Story Time: Keep America Beautiful

One important way to “keep America beautiful” is through all the work of people who volunteer or make a career building and maintaining gardens in our communities. heir time, effort and talent brings beauty into small and large spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum is very fortunate to have the support and assistance of the Garden Club of Morristown (GCM). GCM members reestablished the historic garden in the 1950s. Every year members volunteer their time and talent to make the museum’s garden welcoming to visitors. This year, MHHM is especially grateful to GCM for the grant that made the Accessible Sensory Garden possible. Come visit these raised gardens that contain plants specifically selected to appeal to the senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch.

Join us on Facebook Live to learn how gardens benefit all living things, including people, when they make time to take time out in a garden. Listen to In a Garden by Tim McCanna and Green Green: A Community Garden Story by Maria Lamba.


Garden Club of Morristown

Cover photo of Green Green A Community Gardening Story by Maria Lamba.

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Cover photo of In A Garden by Tim McCanna.