Garden Scavenger Hunt #1

W. Parsons Todd (1877-1976) purchased Macculloch Hall and its garden in 1949. W. Parsons Todd grew up in Morristown and was a student at the Morris Academy. He served as a mayor of Morristown and was active in philanthropy, donating land and serving in leadership roles in the community. As a result of his vision and preservation of Macculloch Hall as a museum and public garden, we are able to enjoy, learn, and relax in this peaceful place today and into the future.

MHHM is thankful to the members, past and present, of the Garden Club of Morristown who, for over sixty years, have supported MHHM with their time, talent, and resources. Take time to enjoy this “secret garden” tucked away in the historic district of Morristown, alone, with friends, or family.

Featured in Garden Scavenger Hunt #1 is the sundial, which has been in this garden since 1876.


Close up of a metal sundial sitting on top of a rock pillar.

Topic: Nature, Garden Scavenger Hunt
Age / Level: Primary, Elementary